About us

A National security commando is a super soldier who is trained in hand-to-hand combat, special operations, parachuting, vertical drops and amphibious warfare.

He is basically distinct in his assault as they are ever-ready for any untoward incident or threat to national security. They are your Heroes without a cape and can mitigate any risks due to their extreme training programs with unmatched bravery and valour.

Black Commando is specialised in provision of manned guarding services to clients in both public and private sector including Retail industries, shopping centres, industrial units, hospitals, corporate offices, construction sites, schools, colleges and residential apartments.

Head quartered in Hyderabad, we run healthier cost effective operations and our experts are available to reduce response time to any location in Hyderabad.

All our guarding personals are underpinned by rigorous screening quality of services standards.

We work closely with you to understand your requirements, priorities, concerns and performance matrix so that we could meet and surpass your expectations.

shopping centres



residential apartments

industrial units


  • feel secure with our vigilant guards

  • our officers are groomed for various scenarios

  • mission is to provide a secure environment

  • secure yourself, business and home

  • providing peace of mind to customers

  • we are just a call away


#16-2-874/a/2/a, Flat.402, Jeevanyarjung Colony, Saidabad, Hyderabad - 500059 (T.S.) INDIA.


+91 9949089046 / 9391947761



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