Black Commando Security Services provides access control and Door Frame Metal Detector (DFMD) to allow secure entry to corporate buildings, high rise residential towers, management facilities, retail stores, banks and factories. We will input controls in place to ensure the right person gains access to your property, information or any other resource.

Whether you have a small office, commercial premises or multi-tenanted apartment, security access control is essential to providing a safe and secure working environment. From a conventional keypad to CCTV cameras and highly sophisticated biometric methods such as fingerprint, facial or IRIS recognition, our highly skilled engineers are experienced in installing a variety of entry systems.

Our DFMD’s are fully customised and designed to fit specific customer’s needs.

  • feel secure with our vigilant guards

  • our officers are groomed for various scenarios

  • mission is to provide a secure environment

  • secure yourself, business and home

  • providing peace of mind to customers

  • we are just a call away


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